10 Ways to cook with barbecue leftovers

So you had your barbecue over the weekend and those hours filled with smoke and meat have left you with a bounty of delicious leftovers.  No problem you think, I’ll enjoy my cue until it is all gone and then fire up the pit to make some more.  However at some point your significant other lets you know there is no way that you will be having simple reheated BBQ for another night’s dinner.  But what are you to do?  How are you to carry on and what is to become of the left overs?  Simple, just use them in these 10 amazing dishes.

BBQ Mac and Cheese1) BBQ Mac and Cheese – It couldn’t be much simpler.  Make your favorite style of mac and cheese.  Next add some shredded BBQ to the mix and stir it in.  It might sound odd at first, but the flavors blend so well that you wish you had tried earlier.

Brisket Tacos2) Brisket Tacos – Have a big old hunk of brisket lying about?  Why not shred some of it and use it in place of some other meat in your next batch of tacos?  The taco sauce will bring out a bit more spice for the meat.


Pulled Pork Shepherd’s Pie3) Pulled Pork Shepherd’s Pie – All you have to do is swap out the lamb for left over pulled pork next time you make up a batch of shepherd’s pie.  You might also be apple to cook it for a touch less time since the meat is already done.

BBQ Chicken Pizza4) BBQ Chicken Pizza – This one can be taken to a few different levels.  At the easiest just toss some chunked up BBQ chicken left overs on a cheese pizza from the store.  Or for a bit more BBQ flavor make your own and swap out the tomato sauce for more BBQ sauce.

BBQ Chicken Salad5) BBQ Chicken Salad – Since you have your chicken cooked up all you need to do is toss together a salad to your liking in a bowl.  Add some chopped chicken leftovers and it’s like a new meal.  As an added bonus the sauce from the chicken will be like a salad dressing.

Pork Spring Rolls6) Pork Spring Rolls – Since you already have pork that is cooked and shredded, why not work it into your favorite spring roll recipe to add a new dimension to another classic?


Corn Fritters7) Corn Fritters – Now I often will grill up some corn on the cob.  These look like they would be a great use if there is any left.



Next Morning Eggs8) Next Morning Eggs – Sometimes I will chop up some left over BBQ (doesn’t matter what kind) and toss them to some scrambled eggs.



Grilled Salmon Sandwich9) Grilled Salmon Sandwich – Slice up some of you salmon nice and thin and serve with a bit of greenery on a slice or two of baguette.



Post Burger Sloppy Joe10)  Post Burger Sloppy Joe – Crumble up the left over burgers and add some ketchup and worchestershire sauce.  Toss a scoop or two on a bun for an easy sloppy joe.