10 Ways to cook with barbecue leftovers

So you had your barbecue over the weekend and those hours filled with smoke and meat have left you with a bounty of delicious leftovers.  No problem you think, I’ll enjoy my cue until it is all gone and then fire up the pit to make some more.  However at some point your significant other lets you know there is no way that you will be having simple reheated BBQ for another night’s dinner.  But what are you to do?  How are you to carry on and what is to become of the left overs?  Simple, just use them in these 10 amazing dishes.

BBQ Mac and Cheese1) BBQ Mac and Cheese – It couldn’t be much simpler.  Make your favorite style of mac and cheese.  Next add some shredded BBQ to the mix and stir it in.  It might sound odd at first, but the flavors blend so well that you wish you had tried earlier. Continue reading “10 Ways to cook with barbecue leftovers”

10 easy and delicious grilled meat recipes

We may have left summer (or if you are in the southern hemisphere are closing in on it), but it is always a grand time to grill something.  As someone who has stood outside in 2 feet of snow, wearing a Hawaiian shirt over a ski jacket, there is no wrong weather to grill in.  There is a time and a place for that 12 hour long (or longer) session to make a perfectly cooked, tender, melt in your mouth brisket.  However, that doesn’t mean every time you fire up a grill that is what you should be going for.  I’ve come up with some easy yet still amazingly tasty recipes for the grill.  Remember, there are some health risks to consuming under cooked meats, so ensure that whatever you are grilling is done to the correct temperature.

Easy Steak10) Easy Steak – A good (or even a decent) piece of beef doesn’t require a whole lot to make it tasty.  About an hour before cook time pull out your steak and rub it down with kosher salt and fresh cracked black course pepper.  When it comes time to cook, let it go about 5 minutes on one side  right over a medium to medium high bed of coals and then another 5 on the other.  Depending on how thick your steak and how done you want it, you may want to let it go a few minutes longer. Continue reading “10 easy and delicious grilled meat recipes”

5 fast and easy one-pot pasta recipes

As the weather gets colder people often look for nice warm hearty meals to fill them and warm them.  Pasta does both and does so wonderfully.  There is only one problem.  Making a pasta meal can often involve using a whole kitchen’s worth of dishes.  And once you are full of pasta you just want to sit down and rest, not get up and clean a sink full of dishes.  What would you say if I told you there were easy pasta recipes that would take a single cooking vessel to make?  I’ve compiled 5 of them for your enjoyment.

One Pan Enchilada Pasta1) One Pan Enchilada Pasta – Right out the gate we’ll go with a head scratcher.  When you think of pasta the first thing that may come to mind is….Mexican right?  No?  You still need to try this hearty meal.  It is simple to make and takes just one pot to clean at the end of the night.  Plus it is a good excuse to change things up and have something different. Continue reading “5 fast and easy one-pot pasta recipes”